Two Wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance

Take care of your medium of transportation by adopting effective Policy coverage at the fair premium amount.

Uncertainties often take place, none of us could ever stop them but we can minimize our burden by bringing in a responsible insurer. According to the law, it is mandatory to have the Bike Insurance, in the case a person is found without a policy he/she shall be punished and the amount of penalty would be raised against a person.

An opportunity is calling you, to be stress-free from financial problems. Maintenance can be tough for you without buying an Insurance policy, as everything is touching the maximum level of your income.

The claim is an essential factor everyone considers while selecting the insurance company, thus you’re at the right platform here you’ll get options to choose your best.

There are two types of Bike Insurance, first is comprehensive and another is third-party, let’s know basic of both of them

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. A complete policy with covering the in and out of the box criteria, this type of Insurance covers own bike damages and third-party losses. By adopting a Comprehensive package you need not worry about fire, theft, earthquake, and others mentioned in the policy.

Choose your premium amount by comparing it with all other insurers, provides you a platform where you are free to consider your opinion.

Third-Party Insurance. Rules & Regulations are made to provide you comfortability and security, thus according to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to provide a third-party Insurance package. The damage that occurred to other’s property is payable and the expenses will be borne by your insurer when you are responsible insured.

Some situations are not covered in your Insurance such as:

  • Illegal driving (drinking or abusing)
  • Non-accidental damages
  • Unless tyres, tubes, and engines are not damaged due to accident they are not covered

Get insured from the comfort of your home