Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance

Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance

Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance

What is the importance of Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance?

In most of the accidental cases, the third party is involved hence according to the law while buying the Insurance of two-wheeler third party coverage is mandatory. It can result in stressful and expensive to borne the damages or the losses caused by your two-wheeler to other’s vehicles or property, thus purchasing the Insurance is highly recommendable. asks you to save yourself from any financial burden, also save your time, plus your reputation with the adaptation of Third-party two-wheeler Insurance. Don’t let yourself be stuck within any trap of stress or liability, by paying just a small amount of premium you’re free for a year from all hectics.

Let’s clear your doubts by describing the features:

  • No economic obligations. The small scratch to other’s vehicles due to your vehicle can burn your whole pocket, thus third-party insurance covers your financial liability.
  • Online procedure. You are free to buy third-party Insurance online only with few documents, the process is quite fast as it does not cover your vehicle.

What is and is not covered under Third-party two-wheeler Insurance?


  1. Death or injuries. In case of any mishappening, if anyone is injured or dead after meeting an accident with your two-wheeler, then your Insurance will be used. Even the compensation of loss of income due to physical disabilities can be claimed.
  2. Property damage. As per IRDA, under two-wheeler, third party insurance insured can claim up to Rs. 1 lakh to pay the expenses of the damages occurred to the property of a third party.


  1. The accident occurred due to maximum speed
  2. The loss took place due to the Insured not following the law means drinking & driving
  3. Damage occurred beyond the geographical extension
  4. Mechanical or electrical failure
  5. Liability arises due to war, terrorists attack...

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