Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

An effective cover for senior individuals!

You've turned old man, an apt age for spending a worry-free life without any stress. It's actually real-time to sit straight at your seat and relax with the most peaceful time of your life yet this age period is crucial as many diseases occur.

Moreover, this is an alarming age that requires special care and calls for more caution in terms of health. Are you all ready to borne the medical expenses that actually are touching the sky? You are completely aware of ups and down with this age, an ailment could reduce your savings. With the make yourself safe from upcoming expenditures, with available advancements be independent!

Boosting the reasons for buying senior citizens’ health insurance.

1. A wide network of cashless hospitals.

Bimadepot has imperative and active insurers that have a huge tie-up with secure and respected hospitals to make sure that you need not to borne any bill.

2. Cashless home health care.

Interesting news: you can avail of the medical facilities at your home too with cashless treatment! Our insurer offers an opportunity for home health care for home hospitalization or as recommended by a doctor.

3. No room rent capping.

You're free to opt for a comfortable room service that acts in a positive manner for you

Does the policy cover Ayush Benefits?

We are here to make you feel better and comfortable, if you or your family wishes to undertake any sort of alternative treatments then you can go for it. We cover hospitalization expenses that are asked by you at the time of paying the premium amount.

Another aspect is of Co-payment when the insured is agreed to pay a fixed amount of medical expenses incurred while the rest is claimed by the insurer.

Get insured from the comfort of your home