Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Policy

PAre Mediclaim Policy and Health insurance synonymous with each other?

Well...this is a misconception, it's not true. As a coin has two sides, thus these two are the faces of coins. Mediclaim Policy is limited to hospital expenses whereas Health Insurance itself covers a wide concept. Mediclaim mitigates risk in monetary terms, it covers specific ailments and treatments that incur during hospitalization.

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, an individual can avail of a medical cover for a pre-specified sum. The deduction in the tax laws allows you to claim the premium for your family (children, spouse, parents).

Why do people consider offline rather than buying the policy online?

The majority of people prefer buying the Insurance policy offline as they want to be interacted with by the agents, they feel secured while investing the amount to a known person. Yes...only the small percent of India's population follow the procedure themselves and find it easy, well with the ongoing conditions online platforms are beneficial in many ways.

They are unsure of the security offered them by the online service providers, people need to know that the Brand never ever loses its reputation on the wide range platform, therefore, everything (confidential information) is secured with strong antivirus software.

Remember the decision should be based on your needs, it purely depends upon your current financial situation, your family medical history, and other essential factors!

Benefits of the Mediclaim Policy.

  • Provides the ease of cashless hospitalization
  • You're free to buy for your sake or for your entire family
  • Protects you from the financial burden
  • Insurance companies pay all your expenses while you're hospitalized
  • The easy and quick procedure of buying the online Insurance policy
  • Offers tax exemptions
  • Access cost-effective healthcare services

What actually is not covered under the Mediclaim Policy?

  • Pre and existing illness
  • Dental treatments
  • Obesity or Cosmetic surgery
  • Maternity expenses (if not added on add-on-feature)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Vaccination
  • Plastic surgery

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