Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Don't leave a life's critical bits uncovered!

How would you feel when you tap into your savings or your child's school fees and pay for your treatment? If you don't go for your treatment then, who would take care of your children after you? Where would a huge amount come from to receive a treatment?

These questions often change your mood, moreover how would you supplement your income during your critical illness? Therefore opting critical illness Insurance is equally important to you as you save your penny for future!

Why do you need critical illness Insurance?

We're living in the crowded era or modern world where sometimes it asks from us more than it gives. Changing lifestyles are inviting some unexpected diseases such as cancer, heart stroke, hypertension diabetes...these not only threaten us by the names but also incur a huge amount of medical expenses.

A basic health insurance could not be sufficient to cover all the medical costs, especially in case of the treatments that cover a huge loss. Therefore, such kind of financial burden is to be protected with special cover.

What are the effective key points that work for your consideration?

  • No sub limits.
    There's no limitation on hospital room rents, internal or external expenses, specific diseases, or doctors fees.
  • Cashless home health care.
    Interesting point, guess what? You can avail the services at your home when your doctor recommends in-home treatment for your sake. has various effective insurers that provide one to one innovative solutions.
  • Day care procedures
    One more ideal facility is available with us for day care treatments where 24 hours hospitalization is not essential for patients due to some technological advancements.
  • Covers pre and post hospitalization charges.
    Mostly insurer's offers to incur pre 60 days and post 120 days hospitalization charges, but as have lists of imperative insurers thus it may vary accordingly.

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