Car Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Claim

How does the car insurance claim work in India?

An agreement between an insurer and insured, where the insured is asked to pay the annual premium amount and in return, the insurer promises to borne the expenses or loss occurred during a long year. India car insurance is mandatory regardless of whether it's a commercial vehicle car or private car. You're free to get instant quotes of your vehicle through our website. In Today's digital era, buying insurance is no more a daunting task, like it carries all responsibilities driving safely and protects your vehicle effectively.

Many of us think claiming for the Insurance is a big deal but no that's not true... people lack because of less or zero-knowledge... remember claim procedure always depends upon the type of accident or anything.

How to get a claim without any hectic?

  • Contact your insurer on the spot of an accident took place, a claim can be also filed in the case of theft, vandalized, or when a car is damaged from a non-accident event(should be added in your policy), don't worry company guides you about what needs to be done as well as what formalities are required to fulfill(every insurer has their own bridge)
  • Providing s detailed information is essential such as
    1. Venue, date, and time
    2. Policy number, start and end date
    3. Your full name and address
    4. Licensed driver
  • The surveyor work on your claim, after valuation, inspection, examining the evidence, and after that, your coverage will decide the amount that is borne by the insurer

Fulfilling the requirements ensures you the 100% guaranteed claim without any hassle or delay! Go through the policy document while buying the insurance policy, check on the claim procedure, if you find any doubt you're free to reach us out anytime.

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